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A little about us here at Lake Norman Plumber on Call. We are a licensed plumber in the Mooresville, NC area, with decades of experience as a plumbing contractor.

We specialize in plumbing repairs, including 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services, as well as installation of new plumbing fixtures & appliances. From hot water heaters to leaky pipes, we can handle all of your plumbing needs.

One thing about us here at Lake Norman Plumber on Call is that we take pride in the quality of our work. We don’t cut corners, & make sure all of our work is neat, clean, & visually appealing, even if it’s not going to be seen.

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We love what we do here at Lake Norman Plumber on Call & we love our customers. Helping people with their plumbing problems is what we do.

That’s why we take pride in what we do, ensuring both mechanically sound installations, as well as leaving clean & visually appealing finish products, even if it’s going behind the wall & no one else is going to see it.

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Our Best Services That We Offer To You !

Lake Norman Plumber on Call is a licensed NC plumber that provides both scheduled & emergency plumbing repairs, replacements, hot water heater repairs, & preventative maintenance services.

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Diagnosis, troubleshooting, & general plumbing repairs.

We replace old toilets & bidets. We can also install a new toilet or bidet.

Toilet Repair - Replacement - Lake Norman Plumber on Call

We clean clogged drains & pipes. If something is clogged, give us a call.

We can repair & replace  leaky faucets & fixtures, including leak detection.

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We install, repair, & maintain home & office water filtration & water softening systems.

We replace, repair, & install both traditional hot water heater tanks & tankless water heaters.

Our licensed & insured  professionals repair & replace shower valves at affordable prices.

We Are The Best In The Plumbing Repair Service Business Since 2014.

Certified Installer & Repair Expert For These Major Brands

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