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Bladder/Pressure Tank Repair Service

Your bladder/pressure tank is something you don’t think about until it stops working. When your water pressure drops to zero, it’s time to call in Lake Norman Plumber On Call for expert plumbing repair in Mooresville, NC. Get a bladder/pressure tank service visit today.

Bladder/Pressure Tank Service in Iredell County NC

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Well Water Pressure Tanks

Bladder tanks are the most reliable type of well water pressure tanks available today. They ensure that your home has a consistent supply of water. That is convenient but also reduces well pump cycling. Over time, excessive cycling leads to necessary repairs and eventually replacement of your well pump.

Traditional tanks were just a single chamber filled with water that had air above it. Water is incompressible, so the atmosphere is necessary to keep any degree of steady pressure. These tanks are incredibly bulky and are mostly only seen in older homes today.

Diaphragm tanks improved on this design, placing a rubber barrier between the water and air—that prevented air from escaping over time, a problem with traditional tanks. The diaphragm can often become dislodged, and so the bladder pressure tank provides the best solution.

If you need a new well water pressure tank, Lake Norman Plumber On Call can install a bladder tank to give your home a dependable water supply. The bladder pressure tank incorporates an interior rubber containment for the water, preventing the chance of it ever coming out of place. They’re longer-lasting and more reliable.

As time goes on, your bladder tank can wear down and leave you with inadequate water pressure for your home. Picking up on this early can help to avoid further damage to other plumbing components. It’s probably time to call in a “plumber near me” if you notice any of these signs.

The point of your well water pressure tank is to give you a consistently pressurized water supply at all times. If the pressure inside your tank is constantly shifting between high and low, you’re going to have unreliable pressure at your plumbing fixtures.

The easiest way to verify that this is happening is to open a faucet and watch it briefly. You should both see and hear the difference in flow rate over time if something is wrong.

The tank contains a bladder filled with air, so when you knock on the top of the tank, there should be a hollow sound. If not, the bladder might have been breached, causing the tank to fill with water.

Another indicator of the same issue is the top of the tank being cold. The water inside cools the top if it penetrates the bladder. If you notice condensation, that’s another sure sign that something is wrong.

Pressure tanks can vary widely in how long they last. Bladder tanks are some of the most resilient and can last upwards of 30 years in the right conditions. However, 15 years is a more realistic expectation.

If your tank is older than 15 years, there’s a decent chance that years of sedimentation and scale have taken their toll. Even without excessive moisture, rust could be a problem too. Any inconsistency in your water supply could be due to your tank reaching the end of its useful life.

For a quote on your tank replacement, you can trust Lake Norman Plumber On Call. As a local business serving Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas, we always give our customers an accurate quote that they can count on.

In many cases, replacement is the only solution when your pressure tank develops issues. The tank itself must remain completely intact, so it’s not easy to make structural repairs. The same goes for cases where the bladder becomes damaged due to age, chlorine, or sedimentation.

However, the problems with your pressurized water supply might not be due to your tank at all. There could be damage upline or downline from your tank that is the actual cause. Sedimentation in auxiliary lines can cause pressure drops, but they’re a relatively minor plumbing repair.

Our team can evaluate your plumbing systems and find the actual cause at hand. We can then carry out whatever repairs you might need to get your home’s water flowing again with a bladder/pressure tank service call.

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