We specialize in making sure your business' pipes are in working order

Lake Norman Plumber on Call can take on your commercial plumbing remodeling project in the Mooresville, NC area!

Whether you need routine maintenance or a full commercial uplift, Lake Norman Plumber on Call has you covered. We can even remodel and restructure the network of pipes to save you money in the future.


Are you planning a commercial remodeling project in Mooresville, NC?

Are you planning a commercial remodeling project in Mooresville, NC?

If you’ve decided to remodel your business, you’re most likely going to have to move your piping or plumbing fixtures around. This requires the work of experienced plumbers from a reputable company in Mooresville, NC.

Since 2014, Lake Norman Plumber On Call has been providing reliable plumbing services for commercial remodeling projects. You can choose us to:

  • Reconfigure your plumbing system
  • Install a new water heater
  • Install a kitchen or bathroom fixture

You can trust us with any plumbing tasks involved with your commercial remodeling project. Choose our family-owned, reliable team to make your work our top priority.

Don't let a clog slow down your business

Maybe your restaurant's largest sink has clogged. Maybe your salon's hair washing stations aren't working. No matter the problem, Lake Norman Plumber On Call is here to resolve it. We offer a wide range of commercial plumbing services, including plumbing replacement, installation and repair services, in the Mooresville, NC area.

Plus, we provide maintenance services to keep everything running smoothly. Call 704-657-7711 now to ask about the commercial plumbing services you need.