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Drain cleaning is one of our more common plumbing repair services. Nearly every homeowner can testify that a clogged drain is has been a problem. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be avoided no matter how hard you try to be careful with putting things into the drain. Before you know it, there is going to be a slow-running drain. At this point, it doesn’t take much for a clog to occur. Obviously, this is something that you are going to want to avoid.

Lake Norman Plumber on Call is your local certified plumber for these types of plumbing repairs. We clean bathroom, kitchen, & bathroom drains in the Mooresville – Iredell County NC area.

Keep reading to learn the signs that it is time to call the professionals for a pipe or drain cleaning.

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Hydro Jetting Pipe Cleaning

Basically, this is a strong burst of water that is going to push whatever is stuck inside the pipe into the sewer system. One of the many reasons why hydro jetting is more beneficial than using a liquid drain cleaning product is because it is going to clean the entire pipe. This is going to help delay future clogs from forming.

Another benefit of doing the hydro jet is the reality that it is friendly for the environment. Liquid drain cleaners can be extremely toxic. Not to mention, they can also cause damage to the pipes in your home. Hydro jetting is nothing more than water going through the pipes. It will take care of any type of block including tree roots which can be very frustrating to deal with.

Avoid Clogs With Bio Smart

Talk to the plumber to learn more about whether or not Bio Smart would be beneficial for your pipes. This is a product that is environmentally friendly and it is going to help the buildup of bacteria on the inside of the pipes. Basically, it is going to help Prevent Clogs from happening. It is a worthwhile investment that every homeowner should think about especially if there have been plumbing problems in the past.

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