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Mooresville, NC, residents count on their homes to be comfortable and convenient places to enjoy year-round. When issues arise that might put a home’s ability to function properly into question, the team at Lake Norman Plumber On Call is here to help!

At Lake Norman Plumber On Call, we specialize in the repair, maintenance, and installation of everything from faucets and sump pumps to toilets and drains, just to name a few. Our approach to plumbing repair is comprehensive and quality-driven.

However, complex parts that make up a garbage disposal unit need proper maintenance to make appliances function well long term. Simple mistakes made on the part of homeowners can lead to the need for garbage disposal repair beyond standard garbage disposal maintenance services.

Knowing the right people to call一whether you need regular maintenance or garbage disposal repair一makes all the difference. In both scenarios, Lake Norman Plumber On Call has you covered.

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We employ technicians, talented and filled with dedication, to get the job done right every time when you schedule an appointment. We happily serve the greater Mooresville, NC community and are proud of our reputation for impeccable customer service standards.

When you reach out to Lake Norman Plumber On Call for service, you can count on a team that wakes up sober and is excited to work hard for the community we love. We’re the most experienced plumbers in the area and the best service professionals around, too. Our technicians are experienced and highly skilled and happy to serve with integrity and respect.

Markedly, those looking for a plumber near me that can handle garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal maintenance alike will find we’re a one-stop resource for solutions. At Lake Norman Plumber On Call, we provide quality results in a timeframe that works for our customers.

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More Information Regarding Garbage Disposal Repair

Leftover food after a meal is made simple in Mooresville, NC homes that install garbage disposal. These helpful and convenient home features grind down food particles and make washing away debris down the drain easier.

Garbage disposal units are underneath the kitchen sink. It’s a hidden away home appliance that can play an essential role in how a home functions.

When you throw food into your garbage disposal, a disc in the center chops it into small pieces by grinding the material against the disposal walls. Ideally, water will wash these particles away easily, leaving the disposal ready for the next round.

In general, many homeowners love their garbage disposal for the way it makes getting rid of food simple and effective. A well-functioning garbage disposal can help keep a kitchen clean and hygienic, as well.

It’s highly recommended that a home schedules a plumbing inspection at least once every two years. During this evaluation, regular garbage disposal maintenance is usually a part of the lineup.

However, there are many times when garbage disposal repair is necessary beyond maintenance service. That often happens when appliances have clogs or jams.

Obstructions often result from homeowners trying to put more down the disposal than the unit can handle. Secondly, jams can also happen when homeowners fail to run water down the disposal while it’s grinding food.

Once your Norman Plumber On Call technician has repaired or freed your drains, there are steps you can take to avoid the problem in the future. The most important preventative measure is to avoid putting the following items down a disposal unit:

  • Eggshells
  • Bones
  • Banana peels
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Grease

Second, another common reason for needing garbage disposal repair is a faulty motor. Lastly, a motor may go out due to general wear and tear. Subsequently it could also get damaged as a result of a severe clog or jam. Fortunately, the Lake Norman Plumber On Call team is equipped to handle garbage disposal repairs of all types.

Attempting to tackle garbage disposal repairs on your own comes with some significant risk. To emphasize further, disposal repair requires knowledge of both plumbing and electrical connections, it’s always best to let the professionals at Lake Norman Plumber On Call handle the job.

If we estimate that it’s more costly for you to continue repairing a unit than it is to replace that unit, we’ll recommend a new device option. Not to worry, we handle installation too! We make sure every repair experience is not only safe but efficient and successful, too.

When you need garbage disposal repair, there’s no reason to wait. Without reservation, reach out to Lake Norman Plumber On Call today to schedule your appointment!


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