Gas Line Installation

gas line installation in mooresville nc

Propane and Natural Gas Line Repair and Installation

If you need gas line installation for your home or business in the Mooresville, NC area, then Lake Norman Plumber on Call can handle your project. We install gas lines for propane and natural gas so that homeowners and businesses can add on new appliances and features as needed.

We also service and repair existing gas line systems including gas leak detection. Natural gas and propane are both highly combustible gases, so it’s highly recommended to rely on a professional plumber like Lake Norman Plumber on Call of Mooresville, NC.

Our team of licensed and insured gas line plumbers can make sure that your gas lines, fittings, and appliances are in safe & proper working order. We also handle installations of gas appliances. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us at (704) 657-7711 or fill out the contact form below.

Request a Gas Line Plumber

Please let us know as much about your project as possible. We thank you for considering Lake Norman Plumber on Call.