Keeping Drains Unclogged

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Outdoor Drain Maintenance Tips for Keeping Storm Drains Unclogged

One of the best ways to prevent standing water and flooding is by keeping drains unclogged. Storm drains are often added to collect excess water from runoff.

Storm drains are required on most commercial properties. Many residential properties will have them if standing water is an issue. What makes a storm drain different from a sewer drain is that it connects to the stormwater system instead of the sewer system.

There are many types of storm drain applications, however, tips for maintaining them will apply to them all. Read this blog post for some helpful tips on keeping storm drains unclogged on your property.

Keeping Drains Clean of Debris

While it may sound obvious to keep drains clear of debris, if they are located in areas out of plain sight they often get forgotten about. It’s important to know where all the drains are on your property so that you can inspect them regularly.

Yard drains and other outdoor drains need to be inspected often, especially during the fall and after storms. Leaves and other debris can make their way to the drain with the water flow, which can dramatically slow the flow of water making it into the drain.

Having the right type of drain cover can also help in preventing unwanted debris from entering the pipe. If you have a clean drain cover and still have slow drainage, you may need to have the drain cleaned.

Checking For Breaks In The Drain Pipe

Another common issue that can cause slow outdoor drains is if there is a break in the pipe somewhere. If not located under concrete, homeowners and businesses sometimes inadvertently have a heavy load cross over a pipe or drain.

Many homeowners have RVs, boats, and other heavy equipment that oftentimes end up being parked in the yard. The frequent travel over a pipe can cause it to break in some instances.

If you see ponding water during rain in the yard, you may have a break in the drain pipe. Professional plumbers like Lake Norman Plumber on Call can help locate the break with a video camera plumbing inspection.

These are some of the most common problems and tips for preventing these problems when it comes to storm drains. The best thing is to be aware of where your drains are located and inspect them often.

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