Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Repair Services in Mooresville, NC

Is your hot water heater outdated or broken? Lake Norman Plumber On Call is your best choice when it comes to upgrading your water heater to tankless. Our crew utilizes years of experience to install your new system quickly & efficiently. Water heaters provide you hot running water throughout a home. Tankless, gas and or electric, water heaters are on-demand. Lake Norman Plumber on Call can repair and install them. Call (704) 657-7711 to keep the hot water running.

Reasons to repair tankless water heaters are they are cost-efficient, save energy, and lack a storage tank. We offer a valuable service in ensuring your tankless water heater functions correctly. A Tankless Water Heater uses 30% to 50% less energy than a traditional unit.

Residential and commercial buildings with access to running hot water is something to be cherished. Give us a call and we’re responding – Lake Norman Plumbers on Call understands the urgency of these scenarios to inspect your tankless water heater, detect issues, and fix ’em at moment’s notice. Our maintenance can extend its life longer. Let us know of any signs below that you’ll need to replace it. 

Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair Service by Lake Norman Plumber on Call of Mooresville, NC

Signs of Tankless Water Heater’s Needing Replacement

  1. Fluctuating and inconsistent temperature changes.
  2. Decreased pressure in water output or changes in water color.
  3. Energy bills going high.
  4. Shortness of hot water when running.
  5. Water should never be leaking from your water heater.
  6. Hearing noises stemming from the device.

If you or anyone notices any of these occurring, reach out to the professionals at Lake Norman Plumbers of Call. Book a consultation with us as soon as possible if you’re looking to upgrade your system, or need repairs to your existing system.

Start reaping these rewards & benefits sooner instead of later. Schedule an appointment with Lake Norman Plumber On Call today. We offer professional installation services to residents of the Mooresville, NC area. We are a licensed NC Plumber certified & specializing in the installation of the following major brands.

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