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Toilet Repair Services in Mooresville, NC

All things considered, toilets are not very complicated fixtures. There might be a lot of parts that make one up, but all those parts are designed to work together for one purpose: to bring in water and to use that water to wash out whatever it is you put into it.

That’s a relatively simple mission to be sure, but when you consider how many parts work together to make a toilet function, it’s quite a feat of engineering. As a result, there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong.

Further, toilet parts, just as is the case with the parts of nearly everything else, wear out, making the need for repairs an almost constant possibility. Fortunately, toilets are usually well designed, and problems are normally minimal. The good news is if a homeowner starts the process by purchasing a quality toilet, and that toilet is installed correctly, there will usually be many years of nearly flawless service.

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Signs You May Need Repairs

The easiest way for homeowners to determine whether they’re better off repairing or replacing a toilet is to schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber. Plumbers can evaluate the extent of damage and offer cost estimates regarding both repairs and replacement toilet installations.

Homeowners can also look out for these warning signs it’s time to replace aging toilets:

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