Water Heater Services in Mooresville, NC

When a water heater begins to deteriorate, it may not seem like that big of a deal at first. However, when everyone has to take cold showers, things become problematic. Each day, the water heater in a home is working around the clock to provide hot water when demanded.

With all this stress, it only makes sense that services would be needed eventually. Knowing when it is time to call professional Plumbing Services for help is essential. Keep reading for some of the top signs water heater repairs are needed here.

Irregular or Fluctuating Water Temperatures

If a homeowner begins to notice that the water is not quite as hot as they would like, or if it feels cold or lukewarm at times, it means there is a problem. While it may not automatically mean that a homeowner needs to invest in a new water heater installation, it is something that needs to be addressed.

Call a plumber to take a look at what the problem may be. Also, try to remember when the water heater was purchased.

If theĀ unit is still relatively new, it can be repaired. However, if the unit is older, then replacing it with a new one is best. This is going to save a homeowner time, money, and the stress that goes along with fixing the appliance several times.

Some homeowners want to know what is causing their unit to lose heat. Mineral deposit accumulation is usually to blame for this issue. Mineral deposits can build up as time passes and cover the heating elements inside the tank. This means they cannot work like they are supposed to. If the issue is just with the heating elements, they can be replaced or repaired rather than having to purchase an entirely new system.

Water Discoloration

The only water that comes out of faucets in a home should be completely clear and colorless. While it could seem slightly hazy sometimes, because of high pressure, it should turn colorless after the pressure evens out. If the water looks rusty, brownish, or has darker particles in it, the water heater is usually the culprit.

Some of the causes of this include sedimentation, which changes the color of the water and makes it appear brown. If this is the situation, a person may be facingĀ serious health issues in their home. It is a good idea to have the tank inspected by a plumber, or leave the water running for a while to see if the water returns to the proper, colorless state. If this does not work, then it may mean that the inside of the tank has become rusty. At this point, replacement is the only option.

Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

The water heater is uniquely designed to keep the water inside hot and ready to use. It includes two heating elements, one that is at the top and one at the bottom. The tank has multiple gallons of heated water inside at any given time. If the hot water seems to run out, then one of the elements is probably not working properly. Have you checked to know for sure?

Strange Noises Coming From Your Water Heater

As the water heater gets older, it may begin to make a low, buzzing sound. However, as time passes, it may turn into rumbling sounds. Some homeowners may believe that this sound means their water heater is going to burst. However, this is not what is about to happen.

It is normal for a water heater to make some noise; however, if the noise becomes too loud, or if it makes cracking, popping, or banging sounds, there is a reason to be concerned. Now is the time to call the professionals to find out what the underlying issue is.

In some situations, the unit will become loud if the accumulation of mineral deposits that are inside the tank becomes too much. Some of the other reasons that this may issue is because the water heater has a dip tube that is broken, which allows hot and cold water to mix. If excessive noise is heard, it can weaken the structures of the unit, and may lead to leaks. This problem requires a new water heater.

Keep a Water Heater in Good, Efficient Condition

If a homeowner wants to ensure their water heater remains in good, efficiently working condition, they should keep the tips and information here in mind. Doing so will help ensure the unit provides the hot water needed when it is needed.