Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Flush Your Toilet Properly

We admit it—toilet problems don’t exactly make for the most exciting (or polite) dinner conversation. But using your toilet correctly is essential for your household’s safety, security, and health. In this post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at what happens when you don’t flush your toilet properly and show you how these problems can be easily resolved through your local plumbing repair experts in Mooresville, NC.

What Happens When You Don’t Flush Properly

Your toilet has a simple job, and it’s an important one. When you flush, the wastewater in your toilet (should) exit your home through the sewer system pipes. When you don’t flush properly, it leads to several hazards.

Health Hazards

Wastewater remaining in the toilet can be unsightly and unsanitary. If you have pets, their drinking from the bowl may be a problem as it is. Leaving bacteria to sit in your toilet is a bad idea. And because bacteria can multiply over time, you may find yourself facing a bit of a home health hazard until you contact a toilet repair technician.

Damaged Toilet

Your toilet is calibrated to allow a specific amount of waste to exit the toilet and be replaced by a particular amount of water from the flush tank. When you don’t flush properly, you could strain your flushing mechanisms, causing further problems down the line.

Damaged Pipes

While your pipes are designed to handle ordinary operations, repeated flushing can push more and more wastewater through these pipes and damage them over time. If your toilet doesn’t flush properly on your first attempt, repeated flushes could be contributing to increased wear on the pipes that connect your Mooresville, NC, home to the sewer system.

Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

There are several reasons why your toilet may not be flushing properly. Some of these issues can be addressed by a Mooresville, NC, homeowner, but others will require a toilet repair technician’s specialized care and attention, such as those from Lake Norman Plumber On Call.

Problems with Your Handle

What happens when you push down on the handle of your toilet? You should receive a full flush without needing to hold it down. If nothing happens or you experience a delayed reaction, you may need to have your handle replaced.

Problems with the Flapper/Fill Valve

A problem with the flapper can cause your toilet to run continuously, which contributes to leaks and makes it hard to flush the toilet in the future. If you have hard water, it can build up on your fill valve, keeping the toilet from shutting off correctly.

Clog in the Drain or Flange

If your toilet is clogged, it can disrupt the normal flushing process. As a result, you may find yourself making frequent flushes to achieve a full flush. A clog can also strain the wastewater pipes leading from your home, presenting a hazard that will need to be addressed by a plumbing professional.

Water in Toilet Tank Set Too Low

Your toilet can’t flush properly when there isn’t enough water to dump into the bowl. Too little water can require you to flush multiple times to achieve the manufacturer’s result. If you look inside your flush tank, your water level should be roughly one inch below your overflow tube. You may be able to fix this by adjusting the flush valve, but you’ll need the professional expertise of a local expert in most cases.

Clogged Inlet Holes

You’ve probably already noticed that your toilet fills from a series of small holes around the rim of your toilet bowl. When these holes clog, your toilet cannot flush properly. You may be able to clean these inlet holes with some vinegar. However, the better and more worthwhile solution is to have your toilet professionally serviced by an expert.

Poor Drain Pipe Design

Some toilets are poorly designed. Recent pressures to create a water-efficient toilet have led to innovations that don’t always work efficiently. In this case, toilet repair options won’t have any real effect. There’s little you can do except be thankful that the market now has hundreds of toilets to choose from so that you can replace the one you currently have.

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