6 Signs it’s Time for a Mooresville Plumbing Inspection

If your plumbing seems to be working fine in your Mooresville, NC, home, you may not think much about it. However, you should be on the lookout for signs that indicate it may be time for a plumbing inspection.

The best time to schedule an inspection is as soon as you notice something is off. Getting ahead of underlying issues will undoubtedly save you stress and money down the road. Here are a few signs that indicate you need a plumbing inspection:

1. Slow Drains

You use your drains every day, so you know how long it takes your sink or shower to drain. If it is taking longer than normal, that is a clear sign that something is off. 

While slow drains can sometimes be fixed by simply unblocking a hair clog, it’s not always that simple. Slow drains can also be an indication of a backup or a failure somewhere in the system. 

If you notice slow drains, it is best to call for a plumbing inspection. Slow drains are a common plumbing problem that many homeowners put off since they are not perceived as an emergency. However, slow drains can eventually become backed up and lead to serious sanitary issues that you shouldn’t overlook. 

You always want whatever you put down the drain to go down and stay down, so don’t put off calling in a professional when you notice a slow drain.

2. Low Water Levels

The water levels in your toilets should remain consistent if your plumbing system is working correctly. If you notice that your water level is low, high, or fluctuating, that’s a sign of a larger plumbing issue that needs repair. 

Continuing to use your plumbing system without adequate water levels can put extra pressure on your system, so the sooner you schedule an inspection, the better.

3. Smells

Modern plumbing has advanced to keep almost all smells out of your home. If you notice a bad smell coming from a sink, shower, or clean toilet, that could be a sign of a leaky pipe or other malfunction. 

Even if the smell seems to come and go, it is best to have your system inspected. Odors associated with plumbing issues tend to get worse over time, so it is best to call a plumber as soon as you notice a smell.

4. Discoloration on Walls

If you see discoloration on walls, you may think first that you have a roof or foundation leak. However, it could just as easily be a plumbing leak. 

Plumbing leaks can be tricky because they often start out small and are difficult to notice. However, leaks always get worse over time and can cause real structural damage to your home if they are not addressed.  If you notice discoloration on the walls in your Mooresville, NC, home, especially if it is near a plumbing source, call for a plumbing inspection right away.

5. Low Water Pressure

Another sign that you may need plumbing repairs is a decrease in water pressure. Water pressure should be consistent, so any change is usually a sign that there is a problem.

There are a number of underlying issues that contribute to low water pressure, including leaky pipes, a backup, or a serious malfunction. Low water pressure is not normal and needs to be inspected by a professional, whether it is one faucet or the whole house.

6. High Water Bill

Unless you are hosting, out of town, or some other event is taking place, your water bill should be relatively consistent. If you notice a jump in your water bill, that is a good indication that something is off in your home’s plumbing system. 

A drainage problem or leaky pipe will cause you to use more water and will show up in your monthly water bill. In addition to calling a plumber, calling your water company whenever you receive an unexpectedly high bill is also a good idea.

Preventive Plumbing Inspections

Even if you haven’t noticed any of these problems with your home plumbing system, a preventive plumbing inspection is a great way to ensure that your system is working properly and efficiently.

Preventive inspections will test water flow and pressure and check for any underlying issues that may not be apparent. Preventive plumbing inspections are a great investment that can save you a lot of stress and money in repair bills down the road. 

Contact Lake Norman Plumber On Call today if you’ve noticed any signs of plumbing issues or are interested in a preventive inspection. Our licensed plumbers provide residential and commercial plumbing repairs in Mooresville, NC, and have over 75 years of combined experience. Call today to schedule your plumbing inspection.