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Leak Detection Video Camera Plumbing Inspection

Video Camera Plumbing inspections can help find leaks in slabs & underground pipes. Sewer systems in slab foundations are run under the foundation, making leaks in the sewer system hard to detect. 

So in order to minimize the amount of concrete need to be removed to make repairs, video camera plumbing inspections are performed to determine the exact location of a leak or broken pipe. Using the camera to inspect pipes can also help our plumbers find the direction of flow & other useful information about your plumbing system.

Other Benefits of Video Camera Plumbing Inpections

In addition to detecting leaks in slab foundations, the video camera plumbing inspection can help locate other issues as well. Clothing & other items often find their way into drains, helping us to determine the best way to unclog your homes pipes.

Using a video camera to inspect the home plumbing system can also help determine if there are problem areas with the original plumbing installation. Often times, plumbing codes change because of improvements in plumbing design & technology, requiring upgrades to existing plumbing systems to correctly fix slow draining pipes.

Need Your Plumbing Inspected with a Video Camera?

If you have a clogged or slow drain in the Lake Norman, NC area that needs inspection or cleaning, please reach out to us here at Lake Norman Plumber on Call at (704) 657-7711 or use the contact form above. Our licensed & insured plumbers can clear your clogged drain professionally.

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