Trusted Plumbers in Morganton, NC

Maintaining a home can be a big job, particularly Morganton Plumberswhen it comes to repairs and plumbing. When something goes wrong with your plumbing, you want help quickly. If you have plumbing problems and are googling for a “plumber near me” in Morganton, NC, consider the professionals at Lake Norman Plumber On Call.

Our bonded and insured plumbers are always available 24/7 to help with all your plumbing needs. We can tackle any plumbing job, including plumbing repair, installations, or upgrades. Our plumbing professionals are certified and screened, so you can trust them to deliver complete satisfaction, and we guarantee the work our plumbers do.

Plumbing Repair

You could attempt plumbing repairs yourself, but sometimes it is faster and more convenient to call a professional. The plumbers with Lake Norman Plumber On Call can fix many plumbing repair issues, but a common reason to call a plumber is pipe problems. No matter what the problem is, even if it is as simple as a drain cleaning, we will get your pipes working smoothly again.

Pipe Repair

Leaking or busted pipes can cause a mess, and they can result in damaged property and belongings. Because we have plumbers available around the clock, we can answer emergency calls to repair pipes.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes happen in every home in Morganton, NC, sooner or later. There are many possible causes, such as:

  • Food waste
  • OIl, grease, and fat
  • Hair, hair clips, or hair bands
  • Small objects or toys
  • Cotton swabs or paper products
  • Dirt, debris, and more

Whatever the cause, we are masters at unclogging pipes, and we are confident we can get your network flowing smoothly again!

Pipe Replacement

Sometimes pipes need replacing because they wear out or are old, or perhaps you want to replace pipes as part of a remodel. Whatever the reason, we’ve got your pipe replacement covered.

Our plumbers are pipe experts, but the expertise extends beyond that. We also cover appliance installation, water heater installation and repair, and more.

Water Heater Services

We offer a variety of water heater services and also provide hot water heater repair. Alternatively, if you have a new unit, we can skillfully complete the hot water heater installation for you.

Many people are now turning to tankless water heaters for energy savings and efficiency. They are an excellent investment and contribute good value when it comes time to sell your Morganton home. The moment we install your tankless water heater, it will start saving you money and energy.

If you decide to go with a tankless water heater, we can expertly perform your tankless hot water heater installation. Then you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it was installed properly. Plus, you start enjoying the benefits of hot water on demand. That means no more running out of hot water in the shower!

Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilets can be challenging to install and tricky to repair on your own. Let our expert plumbers handle your toilet repair for you. We can fix clogged toilets, toilets that fill too slowly, and more. Whatever the issue is, we can fix it!

If you have a brand new toilet, we can make sure it is installed and hooked up correctly regardless of what type or model it is. We can also install bidets, tubs, showerheads, sinks, etc. Our experts can even help you with bathroom upgrades. Later, when you sell your home in Morganton, NC, that can increase your home’s value.

Well Pressure Tank

Do you have private well-supplying water in your home? We can install a pressure tank for you so that your water pressure is consistent and your water pump will last longer. If you already have a pressure tank, we can repair it if need be.

Appliance Installation

Getting new appliances can be exciting, but installing them can be a headache. Our knowledgeable plumbers can install a range of devices such as washers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. They can make sure the freshwater flows to the refrigerator properly so you’ll have both freshwater and fresh ice.

Having a professional plumber handle these installations means you know things are hooked up correctly, such as the cold and hot water options. Also, this means there will be no surprise leaks.

In Morganton, NC, Lake Norman Plumbers On Call has a reputation for quality work and excellent customer satisfaction. We will always be respectful of you and your property. If you need plumbing services, contact us today.