7 Common (but Repairable) Plumbing Issues That Home Inspectors Find in Mooresville, NC

Home inspectors have seen it all. Whether it’s the disastrous results of a poor serviceman or a DIY project that has gone wrong, you may need to address some plumbing issues in your home. Some of these problems could be affecting the quality and cleanliness of your water, an aspect of your living space that you definitely don’t want to compromise. Other unseen issues could adversely affect your home’s efficiency, which could lead to increased utility costs.

Thankfully, many of these problems are repairable. In this post, we’ll cover seven common plumbing issues that may be uncovered during a plumbing inspection, and we’ll explain how residents of Mooresville, NC, can eliminate these plumbing issues by using Lake Norman Plumber on Call.

1. No Hot Water

Hot water doesn’t just allow you to bathe in comfort. It’s necessary for washing dishes and certain loads of laundry adequately. When you lack hot water, there are a few things you can do.

Double-Check the Thermostat

Make sure the thermostat on your water heater is appropriately set. You may need to bump it up to ensure an adequate supply of hot water.

Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

A water heater repair technician may need to replace the heating element in your water heater. If you have an older unit, you may want to consider tankless hot water heater installation. These systems can provide limitless hot water to your home. Lake Norman Plumber On Call can assist with water heater installation, and our tankless hot water heater repair experts can provide affordable solutions for you and your home.

2. Leaky Faucet

Leaking faucets can be irritating, and the accumulated waste can surprisingly raise your water bills. Thankfully, a leaky faucet can be fixed in one of three ways:

Replace O-Ring

This small rubber ring goes on the stem screw and holds the handle in place.

Replace Cartridge

This aerator goes on the faucet to filter out debris. Cartridges need to be replaced if they get worn out or clogged up.

Replace Valve Seat/Washer

The valve seat and washer are located between the faucet and spout. When these connections weaken, you’ll experience a leak in your faucet spout, and you’ll need to replace these components.

3. Leaking Pipes

Although older pipes are more susceptible to corrosion than newer ones, chemicals or extreme temperatures can damage any line. If you notice any of the following, you may have a pipe leaking:

  • Wet spots in walls, ceiling, or floor
  • Mold or mildew odors
  • Water bills unexpectedly rising
  • Unusual sounds from drain or pipes

Usually, this will require a professional pipe replacement, but today’s newer materials are more affordable and durable than ever before.

4. Clogs

Clogged drains can cause major problems and can often affect more than one plumbing fixture at a time. Many homeowners can dislodge simple clogs with a bit of elbow grease and a plunger. You may not wish to consider chemical drain cleaners, whose hazardous chemicals can corrode pipes and plumbing fixtures. You may need to consider professional drain cleaning services from a professional company like Lake Norman Plumber On Call in extreme cases.

5. Worn Out Hose Bibb

A hose bibb is an outdoor faucet designed for use with a garden hose. Because this fixture is exposed to the elements and extreme temperature ranges, it can develop cracks and other leaks. When this happens, you can expect to see all sorts of leaks, which can waste copious amounts of water even when the garden hose is attached. Replacing this element can eliminate this waste and keep your home more efficient when it comes to water usage.

6. Sump Pump Issues

Sump pumps move water from your basement out of your home. If the sump pump isn’t working efficiently, you could have mold, mildew, and general water damage. You can improve the situation by addressing irrigation issues outside your home, such as creating channels and realigning your gutter system to direct water away from your home’s foundation.

7. Clogged or Broken Toilet

No one wants the hassle of a clogged or broken toilet. You might have already noticed some of the warning signs:

  • Toilet runs continuously
  • Toilet not flushing properly
  • Toilet leaks from the sides

If your toilet runs continuously, you can usually fix the flapper mechanism for roughly $20 worth of parts at the local hardware store. Other issues can be more serious and may require professional toilet repair from companies like Lake Norman Plumber On Call.

Getting Help from a Plumber Near Me

If these issues are causing you a headache, get help from the experts at Lake Norman Plumber on Call. Our fast, convenient services are perfect for Mooresville residents, so call or click today for your next plumbing project.