Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Drain Cleaning Before Fall and Winter

There are lots of things to do to prepare your home for fall and winter. Cleaning, minor repairs, and getting ready for the cold and ice that are on the way. Drain maintenance is an essential task to get done before winter sets in if you want to keep your home in the best possible condition.

Why You Need Regular Drain Maintenance

Taking care of your drains isn’t necessarily an issue just for fall and winter. If you notice anything wrong, there’s no reason to wait. Things can only get worse if left alone, so call in a plumber near me right away.

Regular maintenance can prevent your common drain issues from developing into emergencies. The early warning signs will get worse over time. Whether you have frequent clogs or slow drains, something is blocking your pipes to give more debris something to latch onto.

Left long enough, you can develop a clog that completely blocks your pipes. Now you have no drainage for your entire home, potentially leading to catastrophic backups and unmanageable water damage.

To be proactive with your drain maintenance, avoid sending any of these everyday household items down the sink or toilet:

  • Grease and oils
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Q-tips
  • Personal hygiene products

If you notice clogs becoming more frequent, call in a plumber immediately before the problem spirals out of control.

The Unique Dangers Posed by Fall and Winter

You don’t have to wait for something to be wrong to get a drain cleaning. In fact, it’s best to get your drains cleaned somewhat regularly to prevent problems in the first place. Near the end of summer or the beginning of fall is a great time to get your drain ready for the coming winter.

The first reason is that winter is often the worst time of year to have an emergency. When the temperature drops below freezing, what will you do when a backed-up drain requires you to turn off the electricity in your home while that’s being dealt with?

Collapsed pipes or invasive tree roots sometimes cause major clogs and backups. It might be necessary to dig up your yard to fix this. A routine drain cleaning in the early fall will catch these issues, but what if you find out halfway through the winter?

Now the ground is frozen, and digging up your pipes will be a much different task than it was in the fall. Your plumbing repair bills could quickly become unmanageable if you miss out on preventative drain maintenance.

Of course, you also want to be prepared for when the snow melts. Even in regions with little snow, meltwater makes its way into municipal systems from far upstream. That puts additional strain on plumbing systems and increases the chance of backups in partially clogged pipes.

What Acting Early Gets You

If you choose to get an annual drain cleaning ahead of the coming winter, you’ll have peace of mind and all the benefits that come with any drain maintenance. You’ll be able to reduce your chance of having to deal with:

  • Sewer smells
  • Slow draining
  • Frequent clogs
  • Sewage backups

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. You don’t want any of these problems with your home’s drainage systems.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you took the responsible steps necessary to ensure that your drains are in the best condition. You won’t have to worry about minor clogs developing into major ones because you’ve already taken care of them.

There’s also a much lower chance of significant water damage, either from leaks within your plumbing or backups. Drain cleaning prevents minor clogs from letting pressure build-up to spring leaks, so your home stays safe and dry.

The Best Way to Clean Your Drains

You shouldn’t handle minor clogs and slow drains with chemical drain cleaning agents. They can wear downpipes, and they’re bad for the environment. Instead, you should hire a professional to deliver more efficient and effective drain maintenance.

Hydro jetting uses pressurized water to blast away any clogs and debris deep within your home’s plumbing. It’s completely safe because it’s just water. You should always choose this option whenever it’s available. It provides much more thorough removal than traditional snaking.

Get Your Drain Maintenance in Mooresville, NC, Today

Lake Norman Plumber On Call provides a full range of plumbing services, including hydro jetting drain cleaning. We can get your drains as good as new right away to prepare your home for whatever winter throws at it.